Baby Robbins “Nest”…the Robbins Nursery Tour

As we anxiously anticipate the arrival of “baby G” (e.t.a. Christmas Day!) we thought we’d take you on a little tour of his “nest”…afterall, this momma’s been nesting, and preparing for our little one!!!

I want to give a heartfelt shout of appreciation to Cheryl Nestro of Tutto Interiors (who by the way does work all over the US if you need her services for interior design in new construction, or complete home makeovers like ours!) She transformed our entire home…but the most special space of all was baby Robbins “nest”, of course!

The only direction we gave Cheryl was to “create a neutral and beautiful space that can accommodate baby Gabriel and a future brother or sister!” We only want one nursery….so if we can get away with alternating pink or blue accents in the future, we’d be thrilled! Because Cheryl knows our vision and style after a complete home renovation with us, she took it, ran with it (which I trust her completely to do)…and this is the finished product!


I love to decorate, so Chery’s idea of these beautiful shelves was absolutely breathtaking!


We don’t have a “theme” in mind, but we did find the cutest little lambs, and ended up with one!


A reading corner was SO important to me, as a former kindergarten teacher with a reading major! I taught young kindergarteners (at 4 years of age) to read early….it’s my specialty…so I just can’t wait to teach my baby boy how to read!!!


Isn’t this a beautiful space?


The only thing that will make this space more beautiful is having our baby boy in it! I just can’t wait!!!

sarah and phil robbins nursery


Since we LOVE Cheryl’s work, we decided to have her do a playroom too! Even though baby G will be too young to enjoy it at first, if you know us well, you know that we have about 15 couples we are BEST FRIENDS with…who all have kids or who are having kids, and we need a place for them to play! So when everyone is over visiting baby, we can’t wait to welcome our “little friends” to this new space…our playroom! Take a peek…


It includes a mini-theatre for the littles…(a TV loaded with pre-selected child-friendly and approved movies only! Beanbag chairs, and a cozy couch)…


And another reading nook, of course! 🙂 And a table for crafts, and a teepee for cuddling! Plenty of space for memories made!


I can’t wait to fill these spaces and places with LOVE and LAUGHTER!

For more images on the nursery, closeups, and lifestyles shots with P+S, baby G, and our pup Bella click on the images below to view them full-size and  to start the slideshow!


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Thank you again to Cheryl Nestro of Tutto Interiors for this beautiful nursery and playroom!

(Photo cred: Jim Carlson for the main blog images. Jessica Gliesman for the gallery images, closeups, and lifestyle shots!)

Thanks for stopping in! XO P+S and baby G!


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