Oh The Places He’ll Go

Oh The Places You’ll Go– Gabriel’s First Birthday

My, how time flies! My baby turned ONE earlier this month! Also celebrating her birthday this month, is his great-grandmother Beverly who turned 90!

GG Birthday

Phil and I found it fit to celebrate both young and wise in an intimate celebration with immediate family!

The Theme:  Dr. Seuss “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” (and for Grandma we celebrated, “Oh, The Places She’s Been!)

When guests walked in, they signed our “Guest book” which was Dr. Seuss’ “Oh The Places You’ll Go”. I had our family sign a page for Gabriel, and moving forward we will have each of his teacher’s (and influential people in his life) sign it each year, and I plan to proudly present it to him on his 18th birthday, to celebrate all of the “places he’s been!”

Guests would “write a message on any of the pages, it will be something he treasures through all of his ages!”


In the entryway, we displayed a photo banner of Gabriel with one picture of each month of his life, to show “Oh, The Places He Will Go!” We also displayed a photo banner of his great-grandmother, showcasing a photo of each decade of her life to honor “Oh, the Places She Has Been!” It was so beautiful, and so honoring of two people we love, very much!

Places You'll Go Banner

This book by Dr. Seuss features a lot of hot air balloons, so it was fun to incorporate them into the theme!

Hot Air Balloon Party Supplies

I especially enjoyed creating this life-size hot air balloon with my clothes hamper, and an oversize balloon! (which many of you know, sparked quite the conversation on my Facebook page 😉 )

DIY Hot Air BAlloon Oh The Places You'll Go

We had a beautiful mediterranean dinner (a favorite of our family)–followed by dessert! Sweet Heather Anne designed a special cake for G’s Great-Grandma (which read “Oh the Places She’s Been!”, with a 90 on it!) and Gabriel’s cake said “Oh The Places He’ll Go” with the #1!


Gabriel’s great aunt made beautiful cookie favors for each guest, and since Gabriel is gluten-free, dairy free, and free of refined sugar, his “best bud” sweet Celia made him his very own healthy “smash cake”!


It’s safe to say the healthy smash cake was a “smashing” success…

Healthy Smash Cake

It was such an honor, honoring the lives of these two…


It truly was a day fit for a queen, and king! 🙂 Oh the places he will go, and oh the places she has been!

First Birthday Crown

I still can’t believe our little guy is ONE!


Thanks for sharing in our special day! XO P+S and baby G (he’ll always be my baby)!

Gabriels First Birthday

As G’s gift from me, I created a memory he will always have forever…a slideshow of his first year!

If you’d like, check it out here:

BYE! 🙂



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