Buck or Doe? A Baby Gender Reveal For Katie Farrell, of Dashing Dish!

This Christmas was the BEST ONE EVER…

We gifted a family a home, Gabriel’s cousin Easton was born and they celebrated their first Christmas together…and on Christmas Eve we had the gender reveal party for Gabriel’s cousin-to-be (due Father’s Day)!

Since we hosted the party on Christmas eve, we chose a festive theme– “Buck or Doe!” Everyone wore red if they thought the baby would be a girl, and green if they thought it was a boy–this made for super fun and festive photos!


What is a gender reveal you ask?

The parents get an ultrasound or blood test to determine the sex of the baby, and often keep it a surprise and find out with their family together at a fun gathering. You can view mine here, and my sister Emily’s here.

Since my sister is a celebrity food blogger, and famous for remaking healthy versions of food people crave, I knew I had to get creative (especially for the dessert bar and drink bar!)

For drinks, we started with a “BABY It’s Cold Outside” Hot Cocoa and Coffee Bar!


The “BABY It’s Cold Outside” theme went well with the baby theme for the evening! I got custom cups and sleeves for the coffee & cocoa bar from Etsy. (PS- aren’t those deer in the background adorable?! Mommy, Daddy, and baby!)






And of course, cute stirring straws…


We put out flavored creams and stevias for the coffee…


And toppings like whipped cream, sprinkles, crushed candy cane, mini chocolate chips, and peppermint sticks for the cocoa!





Next up, the dessert bar…


I had a custom gingerbread house made with a mama and papa deer, inscribed with the couples last name…doesn’t it look like the deer are waiting for a special arrival?!img_4804

We had plenty of these cute cookies made to decorate the dessert bar…









Some gluten-free cupcakes (a lot in our party are gluten-free)…


A fun and festive cake to match the theme…



And this bowl awaits the guilt-free dessert from Dashing Dish, herself…



After dinner, drinks, and dessert we did a gift exchange–everyone brought something around $20 that was their “favorite thing”! Before we started the exchange, everyone voted for their favorite wrapping (which got a prize). After the exchange the couple voted on their favorite gift (which also got a prize). When all was done, we ended with the “greatest gift”….the reveal of baby Farrell.

We brought out a big box, and inside were either green balloons (boy) or red balloons (girl!) SURPRISE! It is a girl!!!!


What a gift! The night ended with gifts for the cute couple, and baby GIRL to be…

Here’s what I gave…

A diaper bag full of my “favorite things” for baby…


“Greatest gift” onesie  (so fitting for the theme…)


A baby deer plush toy…



And of course to trim their tree…


Buck or Doe? Now we know!!!
Cannot wait for my niece Madeline Joy to arrive…due on Fathers Day!

PS- you may have seen a lot of pearls streamed throughout the theme–and it was intentional. It has a lot to do with Katie’s testimony of trying to conceive. You HAVE to hear it (to strengthen your faith). The night before she announced she was pregnant we preached together at a church, and the message was entitled “Pearls of Peace”…you can listen to it here! 


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