GALentine’s Brunch With My Besties

Every year a small group of gals from my church and I get together for a GALentine’s Day Brunch! It’s a chance to catch up, and show LOVE to one another.

In the spirit of LOVE and celebration, I choose a woman to shine a spotlight on! Last celebration, my sister was launching her new cookbook, so we featured her book, and each girl got to go home with a copy (along with a little seasonal Starbucks mug from me!)…


This year, there were so many exciting celebrations…each girl was truly celebrating something (from new books, to babies– from milestones ministry to milestones in business..yes, my friends truly are THAT awesome!) So we celebrated our collective group of amazing women! I was thinking it would be cool for each of us to nominate a woman for next year?


Here are the details of the day! Starting first with the flowers…last year I did a red and gold theme…so I went with hot pinks, and metallics! These were from Olive and Cocoa!


Sadly, they only last a few days…

But I did splurge on some fun ones for my counter that last a year, from Le Fleur!


Here is how we set the table! Day shot:


Evening shot:


If you follow my Fun & Entertainment tab here…you know I keep things simple with paper settings. While I have GORGEOUS dishes…the joy of entertaining for me, is enjoying the people I am with! So I find no shame in setting out paper, throwing it away, and enjoying our time together (no dish duty!)


I’ve found great sources for cute paper items! And when in doubt, check Etsy!


Each event I give favors…I couldn’t decide between the cute water tumbler or coffee cup from Starbucks, so I chose both….since there was a very small group of gals! I washed them…and filled the cups with ice water, and the mugs were left empty for them to fill at the coffee & cocoa bar!


The coffee and cocoa bar included heart shaped marshmallows, flavored stevia sweeteners, cream and whipped cream, and pretty pink and red sprinkles!


We had “CHAI Like You A Lot” tea, as well as cute honey stirring spoons!


On the opposite side of the counter we had a Mimosa Bar…with their choice of Champagne or Fresca (for the preggers and nursing!) They could top it off with flavored juices!


Juice flavors were orange, grapefruit, and a fruit mix…but you could choose any flavor you like!


I love these mini glitter bottles from One Hope, as there is a really good mission and story behind them!


Of course, served with cute cocktail napkins too!


On the menu for brunch was…

A greek yogurt bar, with various organic berries, nuts for toppings, and organic granolas for garnish!


I had hard boiled eggs, and kale salad…and for the main course, my sister Katie (Dashing Dish) made a vegetable Frittata from her cookbook!


Sounds healthy, huh? Well don’t you worry…I served up some “SWEET hearts” from LA’s Cake Monkey for dessert! (and of course the girls could bring them home to their kiddos!)


All in all, a great time was had by all! And I do plan on continuing the tradition of showing this group of gals LOVE!

Have you hosted a GALentine’s brunch for your friends or team? It’s not too late to get a date on the calendar…



Gabriel had fun too…he even dressed for the occasion! X’s and O’s on his little shoes…a shirt that said “Kisses= 25 cents!” Well, you better believe I started building up his piggy bank with lots of smooches!



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