You Started As a Prayer (Maternity Shoot)

Baby Gabriel,

Oh, how we’ve waited for you. After 11 years of marriage, your daddy and I can already say “son, you were truly worth the wait”! You are our miracle. And to think…you started as a prayer…


Earlier this year, your Grammy (Fairless) came to your Aunt Emily, Aunt Katie, and I and said “I am praying for a baby under the tree this Christmas!” We all kind of giggled–but to my surprise, I found out I was pregnant with you on my birthday–and that your exact due date would be Christmas Day! (We found out you were a boy on our 11th anniversary too…how cool is that?) Your Grammy’s prayers sure are powerful! Christmas baby!



That’s how you got your name–I kept calling you my “Christmas angel”! One day, I felt the Lord speak to my heart: “Who was the Christmas angel?” I opened up the Bible to read the Christmas Story. The angel Gabriel was the “Christmas angel”–the angel who told of the most famous baby to ever be born on Christmas–Jesus.


I want you to know how faithfully your daddy and I have prayed for you, and how we’ve spoken greatness over you. In fact, we prayed so carefully before we selected your name…because we know it will be the #1 thing “spoken over you” over the course of your lifetime. So we wanted you to have a name with strong meaning…and yours means “messenger of God”! We believe you will be a mighty man of God–who is a “doer” “seeker” and “SPEAKER” of God’s word! What a blessing you will be to so many people, including US!


How we’ve prayed for you…many mommas-to-be download different apps on their phone to tell them about their baby-to-be’s journey. It details weekly what is happening to our bodies, but to yours as well. I chose not to read the part about me (as I wanted to “guard my heart” and “guard my mind” and not be fearful for what is to come). Instead, your daddy and I just prayed that I would have a “supernatural pregnancy”–easy, healthy, and good….and guess what? I didn’t get sick one time! You’ve been good to me my boy! Instead, we use the app to see what’s developing in your little body–and here is what we do…we PRAY FOR YOU! Every single detail…


For example, when your brain was developing–not only did we pray that it would form and perform perfectly–we also prayed that you would have “the mind of Christ” – ” (1 Cor. 2:16) We believe our prayers, and spoken word over you are one of the greatest gifts we could give you now, and as you grow to be a mighty man of God!


I’m anxiously awaiting the day I can hold you, and pray for you while you are in my arms–and you can hear the words of greatness that we will speak over you as we look into your beautiful (hopefully blue) eyes! I love your daddy with an unexplainable love–and I can only imagine how much I will love YOU!


PS- get ready to laugh. A LOT. Your daddy makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY!


We just can’t wait to meet you soon, my (Christmas) angel!

XOXOXO, your mommy (the first lady you’ll ever love!)

Sarah330no hair

Thank you to Jessica Gliesman for these beautiful maternity photos of me and “baby G”!

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For now, here’s a “sneak peek”…


PS- if you are a woman trying to get pregnant, or are pregnant and are praying for a healthy, happy pregnancy… prayer is POWERFUL. I recommend this book my pastor shared with me (the ONLY book I read about pregnancy!) I stand in prayer with you! XOXO


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