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Angel House

Our Partnership With Angel House & Building A Home for 100 Boys in India.

The Importance Of Knowing Your Reason “WHY” You Do What You Do…

One of the most important exercises you can do as you begin a new business, ministry, or career (or even a new season, quarter or year) is to identify your “Reason Why”. What is driving you emotionally to develop success? Your “why” is your long term vision for success .

Let me ask you a few questions: If time and money were no issue, how would your life look? Where would you live? What would you drive? What would you do with your time? Would you have any debt? In other words, what will a successful business or career do for your life, your family’s life, and your lifestyle?

I want you to clearly write down why you are doing what you do. The more specific, the more powerful it will be! Make it compelling so it causes you to find the time, face your fears, and persevere!
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