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What’s Poppin? This momma!

As we celebrate the joyful journey to “Baby G” I thought it would be fun to reminisce about the joyful memories that lead up to his arrival!

One of our best memories was the day that we celebrated his daddy’s birthday/ and baby G’s “gender reveal party” (I hadn’t heard of these til recently)– by hosting a backyard movie night with family and friends…we popped popcorn (and balloons too!) to celebrate Phil’s birthday and baby G’s gender reveal too!

Here’s the invite:

What's Poppin Party

Since it was an outdoor event, and we wanted to truly enjoy time with family and friends (and not be cooking) we hired a food truck that was a big hit! On the menu were: salad bar, fresh fired pizza (gluten-free for Phil and I), and handmade gelato for dessert! YUMMMMMMMM!

Robbins Gender Reveal

Dessert was a POPcorn bar of course! Complete with many theatre-style treats!

Robbins Gender Reveal

Robbins Gender Reveal

We chose movies with baby themes, like “Mom’s Day Out” which everyone enjoyed! We had a bonfire going, and lawn chairs to watch on the big screen (which we rented)! The movie started with a “SPECIAL PREVIEW” which revealed the gender of “Baby G”, which you’ll find below!

Robbins Gender Reveal

Here’s how we did the BIG REVEAL (our movie preview for our friends…) We played the following “movie preview clip” on the big screen as everyone gathered around…it was the first thing to play right before the movie. 

Press play to see our movie preview our friends saw that night:

As you can imagine, everyone cheered with excitement! An amazing time was had by all! Thanks to everyone who has celebrated the anticipation of “Baby G” from near and far! POP by for our next post–as I write this I am ready to POP at #38WeeksPregnant! Hopefully the next post will be to tell you–he’s here! HOW EXCITING!

Robbins Gender Reveal

Thanks for “POPPING” in! XO, P+S and baby G!

Robbins Gender Reveal

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